• Hinge Assembly for Hatches, Aluminum


    • Price per each assembly
    • SKU# CT-HR200-A
    • For Aluminum doors.  For steel hatches, use the Hinge Assembly for Hatches
    • Item listed separately from other hinge assemblies to ensure accurate shipping weight.
    • To replace all hinges on most doors, at least two hinge assemblies will be required. Larger doors may require a third hinge assembly
    • Each assembly includes:
      • 1 - Aluminum Hinge Blade
      • 1 - Brass Hinge Pin
      • 2 - Aluminum Hinge Pads
      • 2 - Stainless Steel Washers
      • 1 - Stainless Steel Cotter Pin
    • For Cen-Tex Drawings: #200, #201, #203, #208, #209, #218, #402, #404 - #406

    Links to resources:

    Drawing of Raised Water Tight Hatch - Cen-Tex #200
    For installation and maintenance instructions, please email us at: references@mcsllcusa.com

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