• Dog, Flush Hatch, Replacement Assembly, Aluminum


    • Price: per assembly
    • SKU#
      • CT-RD211-A (for slotted dog stud operated with T-wrenches)
      • CT-RD211-A-Hx (for hex-head stud operated by a socket wrench)
    • For watertight or weather tight flush deck hatches with individual dogs
    • This assembly is for Aluminum flush hatches - for steel or stainless steel hatches, use the flush bronze dog assembly
    • Item listed separate from other dogs to ensure accurate shipping weight.
    • Assembly includes:
      • 1 - stainless steel dog stud (with T-slot or Hex-head operation, please specify at order)
      • 1 - plated steel lock nut
      • 1 - cast aluminum handle
      • 3 - stainless steel shims
      • 2 - Delrin bushings
      • 1 - Teflon packing
    • For Cen-Tex Drawings: #211, #212, #216, #217, #221, #406 - #408
    • Hatches made before February 2015 came with a T-slot dog stud
    • T-slot dog studs can be replaced with new Hex-head dog studs
    • Please specify T-slot or hex head when purchasing
    • Used in re-fit and repair work when replacing dog components that are no longer operational

    Links to resources:

    Flush Hatch Dog Diagram with Dimensions - Hex Head
    Flush Hatch Dog Diagram with Dimensions - T Slot
    Drawing of Flush Water-Tight Hatch - Cen-Tex #211
    For installation and maintenance instructions, please email us at: references@mcsllcusa.com


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