Watertight Hatches and Miscellaneous Items

We are proud distributors of the following fine products:


Cen-Tex Watertight Doors, Watertight Hatches, Manholes, and Portlights:

Cen-Tex provides tough, reliable watertight closures that hold up to the harshest working environments. Used on applications as varied as fish boats working the freezing Bering Sea, to fire-fighting training simulators, to custom doors installed on concrete walls protecting electrical equipment rooms in flood zones, Cen-Tex can build the water-tight solution for your needs.


Deansteel Fire-Rated, Hollow-Metal, Bullet-Resistant and Blast-Resistant Doors:

Deansteel has a wide variety of products to meet your commercial door needs. The marine fire-rated doors come with USCG and IMO approval, and comply with all Jones Act contract requirements.


Speich CVS Windows, Straight-Line, Pantograph, and Pendulum Windshield Wiper Systems:

We are a stocking distributor for Speich windshield wiper parts.  Speich windshield wiper systems are used on platforms as diverse as military vessels, cruise ships, superyachts, tug boats, pleasure boats, and even non-marine applications such as crane operator cabs.  Speich provides a rugged windshield wiper system that enhances the appearance of any vessel it is used on, with a short lead time to accommodate tight shipyard schedules.


Sprague Air-Driven Windshield Wiper Systems:

We are a stocking distributor for Sprague windshield wiper systems.  Sprague air-driven wiper motors are reliable, weather-proof motors that can be installed inside or outside the cab, will withstand punishing abuse, and can be used in areas where electrical sparks are a safety hazard.


Baier Watertight Hatches and Manholes:

“The strongest hatch to ever hit the deck!” Baier cast watertight hatches and bolted plate manholes provide superior strength at an affordable price for a variety of stock sizes.

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